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Take advantage of centuries of ancient wisdom and time tested healing modalities to help you recover from any injury and illness with Oriental Healing Oasis & Wellness Center LLC in Burlington, WI. Established in 2009, we are dedicated to helping you complement your modern treatments with the best alternative medicine has to offer, including acupuncture and other techniques. As practitioners, we approach each patient with the goal of helping them reclaim their lives, through a variety of integrated therapies for whole-body health.

Medical care has always been about treating the root cause of the illness and improving quality of life for the patient. We believe that it is possible to merge both goals into a holistic treatment, better helping you enjoy life without pain or worry.

Our Mission

We are all so interconnected. There is nothing that separates who we are from what we eat, how we keep fit, how we think, and how we relate to others. In fact, we are all one. From the smallest creatures to the farthest stars, it is up to us, one person at a time, to heal the wounds of the past, heal our own bodies, minds and spirits, and move forward into a world of beauty, love, and compassion for all that is. One person at a time, we must make the necessary changes to create peace within ourselves, so there may be peace on the planet. 

Our mission is to make the world a better place one patient at a time. We provide a level of service in our treatment that is tailor made to you in a relaxing, well-appointed atmosphere, with private rooms that are tastefully done to inspire a feeling of wellness. We are a staff of seasoned practitioners with exceptional academic and diverse backgrounds; which professionally provides a unique resource of knowledge that separates us from the rest. 

It is our goal at Oriental Healing Oasis & Wellness Center to assist you in creating the best quality of life possible. Good health begins with proper nutrition, exercise and surrounding yourself with fantastic relationships. We give you the tools necessary to recreate a life of optimal health, with prevention and wellness in mind. The relationship you have with your primary care provider is very important. That’s why we are committed to taking all the necessary steps to getting you back on the road to excellence and vitality.

Attain Optimum Health

Attain Optimum Health

Gain needed resources and education to maintain your health with Chinese Medicine and complimentary alternative medicine. At the Oriental Healing Oasis & Wellness Center, we believe that health is more than the absence of disease, it is the presence of well-being.

Start Caring for Yourself

Start Caring For Yourself

Our goal is to provide people with the knowledge and resources they need to maintain their own personal best health and independence. Prevent injury and illness by taking proper care of yourself now. Experience the healing nature of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Experience Chinese Medicine

Experience Chinese Medicine

We offer healthful lifestyle choices, and help our patients to understand and use traditional and alternative health care resources appropriately. Chinese Medicine has proven to aid in depression, enhance mood, lower blood pressure, help with sleep and more.