Video Testimonials

At Oriental Healing Oasis, we have helped many people on their path to improving and maintaining their whole-body health. Below is a collection of some recent patient testimonials who have experienced the healing benefits of the many ancient Chinese medicine modalities that we offer, including acupuncture, massage, and other services.

These clients came to us with a variety of ailments and through an individualized treatment plan were able to attain their desired outcomes, or better. These included neck/low back/hip pain, fertility issues, migraines and headaches, chronic nerve pain, anxiety and high blood pressure, foot neuropathy, post-operative back pain, shortness of breath, depression and PTSD, muscle cramping, fibromyalgia, neck/shoulder/knee pain, leg pain, arm pain, IBS, allergies, and mononeuropathy and dysphagia.

Our team at Oriental Healing Oasis utilizes services such as acupuncture, massage, laser therapy, cupping, electrostimulation, chromotherapy, far infrared sauna, reiki, reflexology, ear seeds, gemstone and crystal therapy, and aromatherapy to aid our clients to feel their best. Our clients include many veterans referred by the local Milwaukee and Chicagoland VA Hospitals, as Veteran's Choice Program Benefits are accepted. We provide service for authorizations coming from Zablocki Milwaukee VA Medical Center, William S. Middleton Memorial Veteran’s Hospital in Madison and Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center in North Chicago.

Contact our team today to setup a free consultation for acupuncture, massage, or other services to aid your pain and maintain whole-body health!