Alternative Treatments for Veterans

Many of us are familiar with acupuncture and its many uses treating ailments such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and migraines, just to name a few. However, did you know that acupuncture can also help to treat addiction?

VA hospitals have recommended its veteran patients, whom are struggling with addiction, utilize acupuncture. The treatment helps veterans to manage many different ailments, including chronic back pain and more, without prescription drugs (such as Morphine tablets). While acupuncture doesn't make the pain go away entirely, it does help to manage the pain and make it much more bearable. Many veteran patients claim that before acupuncture, they could barely move without the aid of prescriptions, but since starting acupuncture, they are able to move much more freely.

Along with veterans using acupuncture to aid in their healthcare, some veterans are also embracing a new form of exercise. Many VA hospitals are offering Tai Chi to help, potentially, replace painkillers. Tai Chi helps veterans to embrace their active side, with a lower-impact workout that benefits both body and mind (Tai Chi has been found to help both PTSD & depression).

Along with acupuncture & Tai Chi being good for overall health, it has also been found to be less expensive than the prescribed painkillers and outpatient costs. The introduction of the Whole Health program has been found to cut down on the opioid epidemic, and it is thought that it could also help prevent suicides.

Many veterans are learning to connect their health to the things they consider priorities, for many it is their family and their status as a veteran. The Whole Health program helps to incorporate all of those things, as well as helping veterans to stay healthier, longer.

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